Memorandum on Assistance to Children's Health...

20 October 2022

Rotary Meeting Oct. 20 marked a new milestone in the cooperation of the RCA and the Akimat of Almaty in the most sensitive area - public health protection.

A strategic memorandum of partnership in the modernization of the health care system of Almaty was concluded between the Club and the Department of Health (UOZ).

The first swallow is the provision by the Rotary Club of incubators for babies born with a lack of weight under the RCA program - "Weight of Life".

Key institutions of Almaty - the City Perinatal Center and the Center for Perinatology and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery will be transferred incubators from Brazil - 20.10 we sealed our obligation with a contract. The availability of additional incubators will help hospitals significantly reduce the load on existing equipment and save many children's lives.

The memorandum with the UOZ will unite the efforts of local authorities and the global Rotary community in improving the lives and health of Almaty residents. With an eye to creating an international medical cluster in our city in the most knowledge-intensive and complex segments of healthcare. But we'll talk about that later.

In addition to the official. communication and charity dinner - we showed the guests a film about the history and formation of Rotary in the world and on the Kazakh land, acquainted with our projects.

The guests of this memorable evening were prominent public figures of Almaty

- Altynay Kobeeva, Chairman of the Public Council of Almaty, Maslikhat Deputy

- Beknur Kisikov - OCA member, writer, head of the Franchise Association of KZ and Eurasia

- Akbope Abylkassymova - ex-MP maslikhat, politician, expert

We would like to thank the delegation of Almaty City Health for their cooperation with us:

- Nazgul Imangaliyeva, Deputy Head of the UOZ

- Gulnara Nurlanov - Director of the Center for Perinatology and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

- Gulyaim Baytanatova - Deputy Director of the City Perinatal Center

And our meeting had an international touch - we were joined by Rotarians Evgeny Bazhov (Rotary Club Mandarin from Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu), Maxim Ivanchenko (Rotary Club Kazan-Volga).

Our team was represented by Altynai Beisembieva, Marina Sabitova, Vitaliy Koltochnik, Natalia Drobysheva, Aslan Yeszhanuly, Maral Tompiev, Stepan Shramko, Zhanna Issingarina, Aigul Kasymova

The power of Rotary is in a collaboration without borders!