Everyone is a bit of a...

29 April 2016

In Almaty children's clinic "Aksay"  a magic city-garden has appeared where live cheerful Smeshariki, and on trees apples and pears ripen all the year round. Children coming here for treatment are met by the heroes of their favorite cartoons. While parents make out the necessary documents, boys and girls have fun in the play area.

The Rotary Club of Almaty has completed it's next project here in Aksay clinic. When Rotarians have visited the clinic for the first and saw the emergency room of reception department in a very poor condition, they decided to change that.
They painted the walls, bought comfortable furniture, installed a modern lighting system, but did not stop there. The Rotarians decided to give the waiting room a festive look. Artist zhanel Zhubanova painted a fairy-tale city on its walls, and Danone Kazakhstan has equipped the emergency room with a play area.