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4 November 2021

Magnet and networking space for professionals, intellectuals and entrepreneurs
On 04.11.2022, our Rotary Club Almaty welcomed new guests and "poured fresh blood" into its roster.
It's nice to know that we continue to attract new faces. Our guest was a wonderful married couple Gulshat and Yerlan Nurpeisov - civil activists who assist the state in carrying out the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and health care, old friends of the Rotary Club.
Now not as third-party experts, but from within departmental working groups. We learned with interest how actively the sphere of civil activism is developing in the country, what issues are raised at the state level and what efforts are being made to bring KZ in line with international rules of the game in the legal field.
We also learned a lot about the specifics of different types of business from our speakers and guests. Meruert Mamatova, a social entrepreneur in the field of additional education and creative industries, blogger told how to properly organize a system of dance schools for children with a powerful charitable component for the poor. The Asia Dance Academy established by Merworth consists of 20 children's dance studios in Almaty.
The nuances of the real estate market were shared with us by Aslan Yeszhanuly - a long-time friend of Rotary, who has now officially joined our community. Aslan is a philanthropist with serious experience - he makes a significant contribution to social projects both with knowledge (teaches young people the basics of business in Kazakh and Russian languages) and with real resources. As the leader of the Sparta community in Kazakhstan, he made Spartan courses available in the state language, which will eliminate the language barrier in the development of healthy values by Kazakh-speaking children.
By the way, Almaty Rotarians have come to the time of awards. And because of the pandemic, the Club received its awards twice - first virtually and, just the other day, physically. The President of the Rotary Club 2019-2020, Altynai Beisembieva , at the invitation of the Governor, brought a total of 7 different awards in various nominations, where the Almaty Club was recognized as one of the best. Rotary Club Almaty was awarded for the International Grant and international partners, for the work of the club, for professionalism, for serving society, expanding its ranks.
We also received a Special Award for opening a new Club - Almaty International Rotary Club - when Altynai was president. So there are now two Rotary clubs in our city. And one in Nur-Sultan.
The more clubs there are, the higher the potential for positive changes in society and opportunities for cooperation.
The higher the Assessment of the District, the stronger the support of the Club and its members at the international Rotary level and the greater the opportunities for growth of everyone involved in our activities.
Congratulations to all our associates on a new wave of common success. The window of opportunity continues to widen.