Almaty Rotary Club Awards 2022

18 May 2022

Almaty Rotary Club Awards 2022: blitz review
Dear friends! Today in the history of our Club an important milestone
We received 10 awards from 2430 District Governor Kemal Ketrez during the Rotary Club Presidents Conference!
Proudly we list:
1. For achievements in serving people!
2. As the fastest growing club! In this nomination, only 2 clubs were awarded, including ours.
3 . For high achievements.
4. RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.
5. Global Grant - incubators for premature babies.
6. Community service.
7. Social recognition and public relations.
8. Youth support.
9. A reward for leaders.
10. And the top - the award in all nominations - Star - club!
Our club received this award for the first time in 27 years of existence. It was very exciting.
In addition to this statuette, our club was awarded an emblem that should be attached to our award flag.
We thank each and every one of you for your time, energy and huge hearts full of love for people!
Thanks to Aida Alzhanova, who became secretary immediately after joining and does a lot of great work as a Membership Committee.
Thanks to Vitaliy Koltochnik, who brought many new members. And also for the great work in restoring our Rotary site, constant reports about our projects and meetings, which leads to the popularization of the Rotary movement and ignites people's interest! The governor immediately said he was constantly browsing our website and Facebook page.
Thanks to Marina Sabitova for bringing excellent candidates to participate in the competition under the Rotary Piece Center program. Irina and Akylbek have already sent their profiles (they have already given their all, as Akylbek commented). We filled out recommendations on the guys according to the Rotary procedure.
Thanks to Kuanysh E. for RYLA, thanks to you and SDU everything went at the highest level. It is difficult to overestimate your contribution to RYLA.
Thanks to Eric Lim for his hard work in finding the right incubators, without that we wouldn't have been approved for Global Grant in Jeju. 30 the board of the Club with Eric discussed models until late, because he studied everything and everything in the market of cuvezes.
Thanks to Leila Akhmet Othman, who headed and implemented with the team a project to hold a Christmas tree for 95 children of the orphanage "Zhansaya". And also for a charitable % from the sales of lucky turtles during the Transition dinner.
Thanks to Meruert Mamatova, who creates amazing videos for Rotary, which promote the values and activities of Rotary. Thank you for holding a Christmas tree for the Zhansaya orphanage.
Perhaps someday Merworth will be interested in hosting Rofife, a Rotary film festival with the filmmakers of Kazakhstan (we have very good ties with them).
Thank you Aslan Yeszhanuly for hosting RYLA. Aslan, like a real batyr, said that he would be RYLA and spent in one breath. Aslan also attracted high-class trainers to work at the event. But he was a star himself. Aslan is also one of the sponsors of RYLA.
Thanks to Aigul Kassymova for the sponsorship package for the lottery, preparation and holding of RYLA. It was a huge work, invisible, but very painstaking, when a whole program was formed from the actions.
Thanks to Elizaveta Vorobyeva for preparing and conducting RYLA. And yes, Elizabeth is one of the sponsors of the program. Also, many thanks to Elizabeth for an unforgettable trip to the Casteca settlement, where we got better acquainted with our history.
Thanks to Gulshat Nurpeisova for the wonderful transition dinner, for the beautiful author's picture for the lottery, preparation and a great speech at RYLA, all the students are just in love with you. And most importantly, for the revival of Rotaract.
Great news, our District 2430 will open the Chartered New Rotaract club within SDU University. Congratulations to everyone, and first of all to Gulshat and Stepan.
Thanks to Stepan Shramko for the preparation and assistance in conducting RYLA. And also for tracking the status of the old club. We will not revitalize it, as there are many difficulties with documents. It's just going to be new. Or maybe even a few!
Thanks to Altynai Beisembieva, Vice-President of the Club, who attracted many sponsors for the lottery and help in holding a Christmas tree for the Zhansai orphanage.
Thanks to Gaukhar Batalova, who attracted a sponsor for the Ken-Zhurek project, for inviting the legendary mountaineer Maksut Zhumaev as a speaker. It was a sell-out.  And for the ongoing ideas that resulted in a new Global Grant project to equip a hospital with rotary club Shanghai.
Thanks to Yerlan Nurpeisov for the motivational lecture for students during RYLA, for cooperation with the Turkish clinic and constant support of Rotary. We remember how you came to transition dinner after surgery and were admiring your commitment to Rotary.
Thanks to Natalia Drobysheva for the huge project Ken - Zhurek, which she led for a whole year herself. Natasha, thank you for being in charge of the Treasury and collecting membership fees for the period, despite the huge workload.
Thanks to Amir Kabulov for the project and popularization of Rotary in the project with Ainur Turisbek.
Thanks to Marzhan Sadykova for inviting an amazing speaker to RYLA - Alexander Lee. It was very helpful for the students.
Thanks to Zhanar Bekembay for supporting the club and our ideas. Without that, it would be very difficult.
Thanks to Evgeny for promoting our club among the Rotarians of Georgia and for the wonderful eco-ideas.
Thanks to Zhanna Issingarina for her help in preparing and conducting RYLA, a living initiative for animal protection projects.
Thanks to Liana Koshieva for attracting sponsorship funds and helping to hold a Christmas tree for the Zhansay orphanage.
Thanks to Madiyar Almas for the illusionist show at the meeting and at the Transition dinner.
Thanks to Maral Tompiev for being with us and for your desire to environmentally improve the country!
Friends, thank you for your commitment to Rotary's values and principles. We love you all very much!
P.S. Rotary Conference 2022, District 2430. Awards to clubs and presidents of Rotary district clubs.