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7 April 2022

Rotary Club Almaty & Rotary Clan Tilt: Bridge of Friendship
During the meeting of our club on April 7, 2022, the guest of honor was a Rotarian from Belgium - Frédéric D'Halster with his wife Heidi De Mühlenaere.
Frédéric represents the Rotary Clan Tielt (District 2130) from West Flanders of the Kingdom of Belgium. In his club, our colleague holds the post of chairman of the Foundation.
He is a hereditary Rotarian, he has been in Rotary for more than 6 years.
Frederick is Vice-Chancellor of howest University of Applied Sciences. For information: Hovest is a university of applied sciences in Belgium, focused on vocational education, a dynamic university known for its innovative interdisciplinary approach and comprehensive research. Closely cooperates with the industrial, commercial and social sectors.
Frederik's wife is Heidi, coordinator of the EU educational program Erasmus+ and electronics teacher Vrij Technisch Instituut Tielt.
Our guests arrived in Almaty to deepen cooperation in the educational sphere with the leading universities of the country.
Frederick told us about Rotarianism in Belgium.
The Tilt Club was established in 1958. It consists of 56 Rotarians.
In Belgium, the Rotary movement is very developed - the territory of the country is divided into 3 Rotarian districts, the club is in each locality.
The scale of the activities of Belgian clubs is impressive, which help people not only in their own country, but also anywhere in the world. For example, the Brussels Club has set up a ceramic workshop in Syria, Nativitas, which welcomes those in need of Marol.
The creation of a ceramic workshop in Syria, supported the construction of a home for the disabled in Rwanda, a water supply system for the community of Illahua Chico in Ecuador.
The traditional exchange of flags between our clubs took place.
Also this evening, a new colleague Marzhan Sadykova was admitted to our Club - a professional auditor, the best coach of the EBRD, a patron of the arts and a civil activist with extensive experience in charitable activities.
Marjane is actively working to promote the community development project in accordance with the best international experience. Welcome Marjane, for us your parish is a very joyful event and will help our community in further development!
The President of the Club held the acceptance ceremony and attached the Rotary badge.
The meeting was also honored by our new guests:
Vladimir Shikov – Managing Partner of Team Lead, Leading Consultant in the CIS on Corporate Governance, one of the founders of Samruk-Kazyna Corporate University;
Konstantin Kulinich – Head of Mary Kay for KZ and Central Asian countries, a long-time friend of Rotary;
Stepan Shramko is one of the founders of the country's first Rotaract Club Almaty (youth movement).
It is gratifying to see how rotary Club Almaty continues to gain ground in the cause of service. It will always come first.