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17 November 2021

Rotarian Care for Premature Babies
November 17 is the International Day of Premature Babies.
On average, every tenth child in the world is born prematurely - this is more than 15 million per year. A terrible figure if you think about it.
Adaptation to the life of such children is quite difficult, despite the high level of modern medicine. Which, by the way, is not available to everyone and not always.
Therefore, for the Rotary Club of Almaty, November 17 is not just a date in the international calendar, but a guide to action.
We, Rotarians, are actively involved in solving the problem of prematurity in Kazakhstan and will support the Ili Central District Hospital under the Global Grant program.
On November 13, 2021, the club delegation paid a visit to the Ili regional hospital and held a warm meeting with the chief physician Baurzhan Yskak where he introduced the employees responsible for the birth of babies.
Our club held talks on cooperation with the largest hospital in the Ili district to equip high-tech equipment for incubation of premature babies - incubators in optimal quantities. With their help, babies would be able to get the optimal thermal regime and complete protection from adverse effects from the outside.
The protection of motherhood and childhood, along with the fight against diseases, is a global priority for Rotarianism and a strategic direction of grant funding.
Let's make the world a better place!