Transit Dinner 2021

25 June 2021

Presidential Transit Rotary 2021
On June 24, the traditional Transition dinner for the transfer of powers was held. The president of the Rotary Club 2021 - 2022 was Madina Kosai.
Madina Kosai joined the Rotary club of Ulaanbaatar Central in Mongolia in 2000 and always knew it was beautiful. After all, helping others is something through which we ourselves spiritually grow and develop, make the world a better place and give a part of ourselves.
Service above self! Serving others above yourself! That's what Rotary means!
We wholeheartedly say thank you to Natalia Drobysheva, who was president at a difficult time, 2020 - 2021. And despite everything, we implemented interesting projects.
We heartily congratulate Zhanna Isingara. A wonderful businesswoman activist who joined the club on this memorable June day and is ready to give a part of her soul to the service of society!
We thank our colleagues from the Rotary Club, friends and all caring people who give part of their lives to the wonderful cause of helping people and the prosperity of society!
Congratulations to everyone on the new 2021 - 2022 Rotary year, full of hopes, new projects and helping people!
Together we can do anything!