Meeting with the founder of the...

17 December 2022

On December 17, Almaty Rotary Club President Altynai Beisembieva took part in an informal meeting with Marat Akhmetzhanov, Vice Chairman and Founder of the Eurasian Creative Guild, who visited KZ as part of the annual world tour. The Guild is an international non-profit guild for uniting creative people of all spheres and forms of art.

At the meeting, Marat Akhmetzhanov presented a report on the past festival "11th Open Eurasian: Book Forum & Literature Festival" (OEBF), which was held from 10 to 16 December 2022 in Melbourne (Australia), and announced projects in 2023.

The leader of ECG was awarded medals and certificates of the guild in the field of culture and art, new members were accepted.

The Guild plans to hold in September "Voices of Friends: Festival of Poetry and Visual Arts" in Borovoye, Kazakhstan, "X Open Eurasian Literary Festival and Book Forum", in November in Toronto, Canada.

All participants were acquainted with the activities of the RCA and the areas of cooperation in the foreseeable future between the Rotarian community and ECG on the key projects of our Club - Almaty Fountains, Weight of Life and a number of others.