Rotary's Golden Milestone

23 February 2023

Today is February 23, we celebrate a triple holiday –

118th Anniversary of the World Rotary Movement

28th Anniversary - Rotary Club almaty

14 years old – Rotaractu Almaty

At the anniversary meeting, we:

Signed a charter for the establishment of an intercountry committee Intercountry Committee ICC KZ – RU

between the leaders of Rotary clubs – Almaty, Saratov-Center, Rybinsk, Kazan, Moscow-East

The ceremony was attended online by Emre Ozturk - Governor of the Turkish District 2430 (in charge of KZ and CA), Alexander Luni- Acting Governor of the Russian District 2223 and Maria Gavrilieva - Governor-Elect, Ildus Yanyshe- Past Governor, Oleg Abramov - Rotary Club Moscow-East, Mikhail Alekseev - Rotary Club Rybinsk.

Also participating in the offline meeting was Ksenia Maksyukova , national coordinator of the ICC district 2223 (Rotary club "Moscow-East").

From the Russian Federation , Dmitry Lugovoi and Natalia Larina , paste-presidents of the Rotary Club "Saratov-Center" were appointed president and secretary of the Committee.

The National Coordinator of the ICC district 2430 for Kazakhstan was appointed the President of the RCA Altynai Beisembieva, she also headed the ICC from Kazakhstan, the secretary of the ICC was Vitaly Koltochnik (President - Elekt RCA 2023-2024).

The creation of the ICC is a huge breakthrough in rotary's humanitarian activities and the establishment of a powerful business networking in the post-Soviet and the entire Eurasian space. A start has been made