"Walker" for Diaz

Rotary Club Almaty together with LLanfairfechan and Penmaenmawr Rotary Club and Governor of region 1180 implemented a social project in June-December 2011.

In this project, rotarians decided to provide a seven-year-old Almaty boy with disabilities Diaz, with a walking machine that would help him move. The project was supported by David Bathers, his club colleagues, personal friends and the Governor of the 1180 region, who donated £500 to buy a walking machine. Rotary Club Almaty, in turn, found money to transport the device from London to Almaty. International Shipping Courier Central Asia Parcel provided a very friendly shipping price.

Rotarians from Wales were also able to arrange an additional walking machine, which was delivered to Almaty at the behest of Kazakhstan's Arman Samilov, who was serendipitously returning from Wales at the right time in October 2011.

Rotary and the people you know and  trust change lives for the better. After all, it is important to see the equipment purchased with your money, its delivery to the destination and delivery to the addressee.