Wheel-chairs' Distribution

In the year 2002, the Rotary club of Almaty held a project of distribution of 240 wheelchairs among the invalids of Almaty city and other cities and towns of Kazakhstan. This project was successful and had a positive reflection in the society. In this project, there were the following participants of this project involved Tucson-Almaty Sister Cities Committee, Rotary Club of Almaty, and Counterpart International.

The responsibilities of the parties were distributed as follows:

  • Tucson-Almaty Sister Cities Committee coordinated the project at an international level (which included organization of funding of 240 wheelchairs and delivery them to Kazakhstan)
  • The Rotary Club of Almaty coordinated the project on the territory of Kazakhstan and organized organize the distribution of wheelchairs with all financial expenses.
  •  Counterpart International arranged and paid for the shipping of the container of wheelchairs to Almaty.
  • Philip Morris Kazakhstan paid for delivery wheelchairs to the people in Kazakhstan

Total budget 48 000 US Dollars