Rotary Quest

30 March 2023

Truly , restobar Mongol is the best place for our club meetings.

We found a whole set of Rotary gears here. Recall that the Rotary wheel symbolizes the path of civilization and rotation 24 hours a day for the benefit of all mankind.

It was very pleasant to discuss the future of our key projects Fountains of Almaty and the global grant for the training of doctors of perinatal centers in the best clinics of the world in such a lamp atmosphere

Today, March 30, 2023, you were Vitaliy Koltochnik (Secretary of the RCA), Natalia Drobysheva (Paste President, Treasurer), Amir Kabulov (Head of the Project Committee), Marina Sabitova (Vice President), Rotarians Maral Tompiev and Zhanar Bekembay