Служение обществу превыше служения самому себе

About Our Club

First Rotary Club of Almaty is a public non-for-profit organization, which was established by an initiative of expats-Rotarians working in Almaty followed by local Kazakhstani business people and social activists.

Our Club is a member the Rotary International - social clubs network represented by 46 000+ clubs worldwide.  Although each club differs from the other, clubs are united by the main goal of the Rotary movement - to serve the community providing humanitarian services, promoting peace, goodwill and high ethical standards in business and social activities.

This is being reflected by the global Rotary slogan - Service Above Self.

Rotary Club of Almaty is part of the Rotary Distict 2430 headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. Currently, this is rather geographically the largest Rotary district in the world. Apart from a major part of Turkey itself (there are 3 Rotary Districts in Turkey in total) District 2430 includes Clubs of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Today, more than 20 Rotarians are members of the Rotary Club of Almaty and our number is growing rapidly.. We are a small but a dynamic organization of people united by common values and understanding that having reached a success individually you better share your experience, knowledge and professional expertise with others. Thus, we become a part of the Cycle of Good in our societies. This way we find and engage other people of the Good Will to participate in our charitable projects - volunteers, owners and staff members of partnering companies, those caring people living in Almaty and other regions.