Cross-country Nauryz Rotaract Forum in Almaty

24 March 2023

The Nauryz Rotaract Forum was launched in Almaty with the participation of the youth wing of rotary from Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation within the framework of the ICC intercountry committee.

Congratulations to our partners and younger brothers and sisters - Rotaract Club Almaty on the first event after the reboot - a children's charity festival in the Family Center Heirs in the Atrium shopping center for children from the orphanage Solnyshko.

The guys received as a gift treats, certificates, a lot of entertainment and team games, Nauryz turned out to be very fruitful and happy for all of us.

Rotaractors with the support of the Rotary Club of Almaty and the Intercountry Committee of Rotary Kazakhstan - Russia organized joint efforts the international Nauryz Rotaract Forum with the participation of Rotary youth from Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

Rotary Club Almaty was represented by Vitaly Koltochnik (secretary president-elect), Aslan Yeszhanuly (head of the Youth Committee), leaders of the ICC-paste-presidents of Rotary Saratov-Center - Dmitry Lugovoi and Natalia Larina, president of Rotaract Almaty 2022-2023 - Zhangir Tuyakov, a well-known coach, Zarina Yesbulatova - public figure, adviser to the president of the Kazakh-German University, member of the board of the Rotaract Club of Almaty.

From the Russian Federation, our guests are Ekaterina Zotova - a member of the largest Russian Rotary Club "Moscow-East", Dmitry Brovkin - President of Rotaract Moscow-East, American and Arab students - Rotarakta volunteers interested in deepening Rotary fraternal ties. It seems that the two-country format is too small for our ICC, which is very pleasing.