Join us!

If you are ready to help people and local community in general getting personal or professional satisfaction doing it, if you know how your experience and knowledge could be a benefit for others - join the Rotary International network! Learning more from the information posted on our website about Rotary in general and about the activities of Rotary Club of Almaty in particular, you'll be able to choose one of three formats of cooperation and personal participation - the most convenient for you personally or for your organization or a company.

Become a Volunteer

Practically anyone could become a Rotary Club of Almaty volunteer simply joining one or few projects, which currently being handled by the Club.  Main thing is to realize what exactly could bring to the project/projects?

Become a Partner

Partner of the CLub - is the format of a cooperation for companies or organizations. Almost any company could become The Rotary CLub's of Almaty Partner if shares main humanitarian values, follows same business ethics and is ready to support either one particular project or to establish long-lasting relations.

Become a Rotarian

Of course, our ultimate goal is to increase a number of Rotarians. Those people of action who consciously and voluntarily choose the Rotary network as a way to serve community. It might sound a bit pathetic but being a Rotarian has a high-profile perception in the world. Not "elite" as a symbol of exclusion and otherness...
The Rotary pin onto one's jacket or dress manifests that this man or woman has reached a certain level of consciousness and has chosen to serve others, accepting a Unity (interdependence and mutual assistance, accordingly) as a founding principle.