DARA Foundation - 15 years

14 October 2022

Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the Dara Charitable Foundation - our colleagues and partners headed by the leading philanthropist of the country - Gulnar Dosayeva.

Dara is the brightest representative of the Kazakhstani charity-community, whom you can and should look up to.

The mission of the Foundation is to help in the integration into our society for children with special educational needs and adolescent children from orphanages.

More than 30 thousand children throughout Kazakhstan received assistance. These are 46 rooms of psychological and pedagogical correction (KPPK) and 48 resource centers for inclusive education.

The Foundation has 3 key projects:

1 - Mentors - on the socialization of adolescents from orphanages through friendship with a mentor

2 - Different equals - by inclusion of special children with the help of psychocorrection rooms, programs for the blind and visually impaired, inclusive playgrounds

3 - Dos Charitable Foundation dedicated to the development of volunteering

By the end of the year, 10 more resource centers will open in the Turkestan region and in the city of Chu (Zhambyl region).

The Dara Foundation held a self-presentation with the help of a unique eco-installation BIRGE ÖSKENDE / GROWING TOGETHER in the Kasteev Museum.

A wonderful corner of nature right within the walls of the museum - a space with earth, stones and growing cereal plants to the accompaniment of the sounds of nature.

The composition embodies the growth in the field of charity and volunteering over the past 15 years in the country, when the Dara Foundation appeared. The fusion of the ideas of charity, art and the environment is a living masterpiece of contemporary art.

At the end of the exhibition, the installation will replenish the sights of the Botanical Garden of our city. Eco-education in action!

Everyone is encouraged to visit this wonderful exhibition and support the birthday people!

Rotary Club Almaty represented

Altynay Beisembiyeva

Vitaliy Koltochnik

Natalia Drobysheva

Aslan Yeszhanuly

Zhanna Issingarina

Rotarians from Russia - Dmitry Lugovoi, Natalia Larina (Saratov), Ayaal Eginov (Yakutsk) and Malaysia - Evgeny Bazhov