Rotary clubs in Almaty: partnership for...

18 November 2021

Almaty Rotary Clubs: Partnership for Change
On November 18, for the first time in the history of Almaty Rotarianism, a joint meeting of two Rotary clubs operating in Almaty was held: our Rotary Club Almaty (initiated by Turkey) and Almaty International Rotary Club (initiated by South Korea).
Almaty International Rotary Club is a very young club, established in February 2021, very dynamically developing under the supervision of experienced Rotarians from South Korea and Turkey.
The Rotary movement in Almaty has reached a new level - the consolidation and strategic partnership of all clubs, which will bring even more projects and benefits. To fulfill the plans, a stable collaboration of professionals from different industries is needed.
Our clubs have been moving towards positive changes in society consistently and from different angles. For us, the key priority was health care: a project to equip the Talgar district hospital with a modern reanimobile; Kenjurek's project, dedicated to the treatment of children from low-income families from epilepsy and the conduct of expensive EEG and drug monitoring tests on a charitable basis.
For our colleagues in the Almaty International Rotary Club, education and career guidance, assistance to the elderly are a priority. They are also seriously engaged in environmental safety and landscaping of the city.
Our team was represented at the meeting by: Madina Kosai (President of the Club), Aida Alzhanova (Secretary and President elect), Yerlan Nurpeisov, Gulshat Nurpeisova, Aigul Kassymova, Erik Lim and Vitaly Koltochnik (PR Officer of the Club).
The twin club was represented by its leaders - Nelly Khan (President of the Club), Tatiana Nam (President elect), Lee Jeuk and Victor Nam.
Representatives of each of the clubs presented their new projects and reports on the old ones. In addition, we have planned a number of joint projects, about which we will keep you informed.
Traditionally, the meeting was attended by very interesting guests:
Mathijs Olaj - owner of the Chain of Dutch coffee shops Coffee Roasters in Almaty, a friend of Rotary;
Marina Sabitova - international political strategist and educator (founder of the Kazan Education Pre-University Training Center);
Kuanysh Kerimkulov is the owner of the Sunkar network of clinics.
It is always very pleasant and informative to communicate in the circle of professionals and leaders who have a clear position on the development of the city and the country. This is the essence of Rotary – to involve the best in the search for specific solutions.
It is in this way that Rotarianism initiates both material and mental changes in society with a plus sign.