Costumes for "Baganashil" Orphanage Graduates

There were 30 children graduating the school in 2012 in the Baganashil Orphanage House. We were approached by the city administration with the request to arrange evening dresses and suits for their graduation Ball.

During the April-June period many people responded to our request and supported us in this charity project. We have also managed to provide the children with summer clothes, supported by Steppe'n Out magazine and by "word-of-mouth" of other participants.

The children Thank You all:

• Alla Roshonok, ETH-Kazakhstan

• Irina Soluyanova, Kazakhstan consulting

• Lyudmila Feduykova, Panalpina company

• Yulya Kussidi, EuroBac

• Yulya Cherdantzeva, Afisha magazine

• Alexandr Ruzanov,  Brief agency

• Tatyana Matlakhova, Asia Direct agency

• Valentina Korabelnikova, Baker & McKenzie

• Vlad Galushko – Crisis Group

• Korlan Hassenova, USAID

• Victoriya and Altyn, Bank Kassa nova

• Zhanargul Bokayeva, Damu Logistics

And all Rotarians of Rotary Almaty Club