Home appliances for Abay village low-income...

In a small house (120 sq.meters) of Abay village (Almaty region) there is a big family - Zarina Shumaeva, her husband Shirin Osmanov and... 19 children from 1 to 20 years old (10 boys and 9 girls). Among them there are 14 kids under a wardshio of Zarina and Shirin.
Their house is really small, with a very bad living conditions. Therefore the parents can not obtain a status of a family orphanage, which could give them social allowances form the municipality. Such a dead-end story. 

Last Saturday (March, 30th) our fellow Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Jeju Nohyung (South Korea), having heard the story of this family from us, have arrive to Almaty by purpose - they have purchased a set of necessary home appliances (big refrigerator, TV and washing machine for the low-income family. 
We have handed over the equipment at the same day together to Osmanov's family.
Our sincere thanks to our fellows from Korea!
We could do a lot together even of we live in different countries.