Happy Party 2017 (photo galery)

17 March 2017

"Dear Friends of Rotary! We are happy to announce our up-coming charitable event -  - ROTARY HAPPY PARTY 2017! Please, join is in celebration of the International Happiness Day and support our social project. This time all together we will provide assistance to a family orphanage with 30 children in Esik city.
This will be a second occasion of us being together celebrating this particular Happiness Day, coming Spring and networking!
At the same time we will be able to celebrate 100th Anniversary of the ROtary Foundation.
We are happy to share our joy and excitement with other

This way an invitation to the Happy Party was being sounded, which our Club has run for a second time in a row.
We have raised funds for a partial rebuilt and establishment of the bathrooms and WCs in Esenov Orphanage (Esik city). Family, which has adopted 30 children, received also several home appliances provided by our Happy Party parther - Philips company.
You could find here below a photo-report and experiences of those who shared this evening with us...