The Perfect Transit of Power

9 December 2021

Today we will talk about the main Rotary event of the year - Transition Dinner 2021, which took place on December 9.
The concept of the transit of power has a residence permit not only in the political lexicon. The Transition dinner is a long-standing Rotary tradition of handing over from last year's president to a new leader and moving on to next year and goals. For the worldwide Rotary system, transit is a mandatory procedural, an annual "sacrament".
Once a year, Rotarians give the society a mandatory report on the path traveled and pass the baton of goals and objectives to a new team.
We have summed up the results of a difficult period – the period of the pandemic. Despite the lockdown, the Club did not stop its work, shifting the focus to the most affected area of life from Covid - health care. This was told by the President of 2020 - 2021 Natalia Drobysheva.
So, in 20-21 years, our team, together with Jedju Rotary Club:
* donated an ambulance to the Talgar District Hospital and fully equipped it with the most modern equipment;
• assisted the Almaty correctional nursery-garden No. 2 for mentally retarded children in equipping it with special teaching aids, equipment and developing materials;
We continue to support the Ken Zhurek Foundation and provide assistance to children with epilepsy from low-income families in 5 regions of Kazakhstan - Almaty, Atyrau, Karaganda, Taraz, Ust-Kamenogorsk. Children are provided with free access to EEG monitoring and drug monitoring, which is vital in making the correct diagnosis. This was done with the help of sponsors: Ustkamenogorsk Titanium-Magnesium Plant and RG Brands.
During the transit dinner:
President 2021 - 2022 Madina Kossay presented a new composition of committees for the period of my presidency and the goals of the club 2021-2022, united by this year's slogan: "To serve to change lives":
Support Education;
Savings Mothers and Children;
Students and Youth.
During the Transition dinner, new members were welcomed: we were joined by Marina Sabitova, an international political strategist, Doctor of Philosophy, founder of the Kazan Education educational center. She was also appointed Commissioner for Ethics – Sergeant – at – Arms.
Our guests were friends and sponsors of Rotary, foreign diplomats, public and political figures, businessmen, the best professionals from various fields - medicine, education, science, coaching, political technologies, media and others.
And of course, this evening we had with us our associates from the Almaty International Rotary Club, headed by the President-Elector Tatyana Nam.
The surprise of the meeting was the show of illusionists from Madiyar Almas - the president of the Kazakhstan Club of Magicians, the founder of the Academy of Magick. Madiyar is the only one in KZ - the owner of the Merlin Award, equivalent to the Oscar in the illusion genre and a candidate member of the Rotary Club of Almaty.
At the end of the evening, after the charity lottery, funds were raised to hold a New Year's Tree for an orphanage.
We thank from the bottom of our hearts the sponsors, Rotarians and friends of Rotary for providing valuable lots for the lottery.
And it is gratifying that social responsibility and business awareness continues to grow and Rotarianism is an important driver of this process.
This means that our mission - "Serving others above our own interests" becomes closer to people. And it's priceless.