Akim of Almaty Yerbolat Dossayev and...

21 September 2022

Today, on September 21, a meeting of the Akim of Almaty Yerbolat Dossayev and the heads of key departments of the Almaty Akimat with the Board of the Rotary Club of Almaty (RCA) was held in the Akimat of Almaty.

At the meeting with the participation of the President of the RCA - Altynai Beisembiev and members of the Board Vitaly Koltochnik (Secretary, Head of the PR Committee), Natalia Drobysheva (Treasurer), the directions of strategic cooperation between the Rotary Club and local executive bodies on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the RCA were discussed.

3 general directions were discussed:

1. Ecology and comfortable urban environment

Priority attention is paid to the project "Almaty Fountains" dedicated to equipping the city of Almaty with an ultra-modern network of drinking fountains and the Main Architectural Fountain "Arman BULAQ" (working title) on the model of the city fountain of Rome - Trevi with the involvement of the famous Italian architect Ricardo Marini. It is planned to install 27 drinking fountains and 1 main fountain of the city.

This project is aimed at achieving the Green City Action Plan and the UN SDGs, providing Almaty residents and guests of the city with access to clean drinking water and developing international tourism potential through the creation of architectural attractions of the New Kazakhstan era.

2. Health care and support for motherhood and childhood.

The parties discussed cooperation in promoting children's healthcare development projects with the assistance of specialized Rotary programs of the Global Grant Foundation.

3 . Youth policy

The project of creating a Youth Rotary Center in Almaty on the basis of Depo Evolution Park on the basis of the Global Rotary Youth Program Rotaract was considered.

It will contribute to improving the vector of youth policy in Almaty, developing leadership, business and social activity, consolidating the culture of patronage in society according to the high standards of Rotary International.

In addition, the Youth Center is a platform for future leaders and gifted youth through Rotary scholarship programs and the Rotary University system.

In particular, Rotary Scholars from Kazakhstan studied in the specialties of mediation, peacemaking, water resources conservation in the world's leading universities (La Scala, Harvard, etc.).

At the end of the meeting, the parties discussed further priorities of work and entering a new stage of active cooperation, including on the basis of strategic memorandums.