American Voyage RCA

12 September 2022

American Voyage RCA
Our Club continues to strengthen friendship with Rotary Clubs in various countries of the world.
Meet one of america's oldest Rotarys, the West Palm Beach Rotary Club (founded in 1919!).
Rotary Club Almaty was represented by Altynai Beisembiyeva - the current president of RCA and Gauhara Batalova, a member of our Club.
The Club has more than 100 members and very large-scale assistance programs aimed at raising the standard of living in its community - this is the feature of the Club:
1. Feed the hungry
Collecting donations in the county to help needy neighbors, distributing food baskets and toys to more than 100 needy families during the holiday season
2. Junior achievements
Development of volunteering and provision of initial employment for schoolchildren
3 . Quantum House
a shelter for low-income families with children being treated in Palm Beach hospitals, primarily St. Mary's Hospital.
4. Rotary Bike Donation
Each year, the Poor Students Club from selected West Palm Beach Elementary Schools is a brand new bike. These recipients are selected by their principal and teachers based on their ability, behavior, academic performance, and degree of volunteering in the school district.
5. Scholarship "Serving Above Yourself"
Help students from West Palm Beach cover the cost of university education through the "Services Above Yourself" scholarship, which is extended for up to four consecutive years. All applicants must demonstrate their merits with their civic activism. The fellows continued their studies at various universities throughout the United States.
6. Core Grants
are provided to university professors to teach in developing countries, as well as to exchange business and professional experience.
The composition of the Club is remarkable - representatives of large businesses from all over America prevail here. President of the Year, Yvette Batavia, previously headed the district and held key positions at Rotary International's headquarters.
Our Florida colleagues have the warmest attitude towards Kazakhstan. Over the years, three Kazakhstanis have been trained in American universities at the expense of the West Palm Beach Rotary Club.
We reached an agreement on rotary exchange: our Rotarians in the United States, Americans in hospitable Kazakhstan. Welcome!
And we will cooperate in educational programs (in the future).