Rotary's Four Cornerstone Questions

17 February 2022

Four Cornerstones of Rotary Stones
At the regular meeting of the Rotary Club of Almaty, february 17, we studied the main principles of Rotarianism, which made it a world power.
These principles were formulated back in 1943 by the famous American philanthropist Herbert Taylor, president of Rotary International from 1954 to 1955.
1-Is this true?
2-Is it fair for all stakeholders?
3-Will this help to increase mutual understanding and strengthen friendship?
4-Will everyone benefit from this?
There is also a poetic form of quaternary dough:
Check any deed, word, thought four times:
• To the truth,
• For the benefit of the people.
At its core, Rotary is an expression of the philosophy of human life, which consists in finding a balance between man's natural desire to benefit from himself and the awareness of his duty and the need to help others.
It is these values that formed the basis of modern corporate culture and the values of the now emerging inclusive capitalism (stakeholder capitalism), guided by the interests of all participants in business interaction.
Rotary ethics condemns zero-sum games and stands firm on the position of satisfying the interests of all parties.
A commitment to these values makes Rotarians one of the most trusted business partners and elevates the value of Rotary networking to unattainable heights.
Also at the meeting we met with new guests of the Club - as always the best in their field:
Lyazat Aktayeva – former Vice Minister of Health, now Director of the Higher Medical College of Almaty, independent consultant in the field of healthcare;
Ainur Nadirova – EBRD mentor, member of the Scientific and Expert Council of the APK, Ph.D., Associate Professor of KazGUU, leading expert in the field of labor law;
Elizaveta Vorobyeva – founder of the first Inclusive Education School in KZ Wunder Academy;
Marzhan Sadykova – well-known financier, auditor, civil activist, EBRD trainer;
Pavel Bokov – owner of the furniture studio White Cube;
Serik Shanmanov – founder of the call center for outsourcing Let's Call
In a warm atmosphere, we discussed key projects to help disadvantaged medical institutions in the Almaty agglomeration, the continuation of a number of existing projects and the launch of new ones.
Ahead of a significant date - the 117th anniversary of Rotary, celebrated exactly on February 23. Stay tuned!