Fountains Rotary Almaty in the mirror...

5 March 2023

The international magazine OCA MAGAZINE (Open Central Asia), published in London since 2009 by Silk Road Media Group with the support of the Eurasian Creative Guild (ECG, London) in honor of the 118th anniversary of Rotary and the 28th anniversary of RCA, published a program article about the Rotary Club of Almaty and our key project Almaty Fountains, patronized by the Akim of Almaty Yerbolat Dossaev.

Eurasian Creative Guild is actually one of the information partners of the Almaty Fountains project due to the long-standing friendly relations between the founders of the Guild and RCA.

ECG, being a global platform for promoting the interests of the creative class and supporting independent authors in all spheres of art, operates in 78 countries and is one of the most dynamic international organizations of our time. Intercultural networking and an atmosphere of creative community make it a unique platform for nurturing and supporting new talents and a "factory" of new world-class cultural stars.

The founder of ECG Marat Akhmedzhanov during the presentation of the almanac of the Guild "Voices of Friends: Poetry & Art" in Almaty on March 5, 2023 solemnly handed us copies of the 47th issue of the magazine with the publication of the article "Rotary Fountains in the Heart of Eurasia".

In turn, the Secretary President-Elect of the RCA 2023-2024 – Vitaly Koltochnik presented Marat Akhmedzhanov with the RCA pennant in recognition of the Guild as a strategic partner of Rotary in Kazakhstan.

We are very pleased with the new round of our friendship and cooperation

We also thank the leader of the project, our Rotarian Amir Kabulov and the main partners in the development and implementation of a unique project - the team of Urban Living represented by Gulmira Baigabulova, Ricardo Marini and Marco Brunelli