Almaty Main Fountain and Rotary International...

21 January 2023

RCA President Altynai Beisembieva at the meeting of the Club on January 19. presented to the guests the project of the Main Fountain of Almaty - "Arman BULAQ" from our partner Urban Living represented by Gulmira Baigabulova (member of the Public Council of Almaty) and Ricardo Marini, spoke about the plans and prospects for the development of Rotary in Kazakhstan.

We continue to strengthen the friendship between rotary clubs. Our guest today was Akylai Karim, president of the Rotary Club "Fergana Valley" from fraternal Kyrgyzstan (Osh).

This is one of the youngest clubs in the post-Soviet space - created in August 2021 and is developing at a very fast pace. He has very interesting and large-scale projects to his credit - assistance to rural residents - cows for the needs of households, equipping rural schools with computers and improving the business literacy of the population, the development of domestic tourism in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Our acquaintance with the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) - the curator for Kazakhstan and Almaty - Elena Bezrukova - the leading business coach of the country, writer, graphelvist, founder of the business center of the same name- was born.

Recall that ECG is a dynamic international platform for promoting the interests of creative people of the Eurasian continent, created 7 years ago by a well-known philanthropist, publisher - Marat Akhmetzhanov (Eurasian Creative Guild). Most of the members of the Guild representing all creative professions are concentrated in Kazakhstan.

It is gratifying to see how our city's Rotary community continues to grow steadily and consistently promote the principles of Rotarian philanthropy, networking, and business ethics.

And finally, let's introduce today's guests and participants of the friendly meeting:

From Rotary Club Almaty:

1. Vitaliy Koltochnik – Secretary of the RCA

2. Natalia Drobysheva – Treasurer

Members of the relevant committees:

3 . Stepan Shramko

4. Zhanna Issingarina

5. Zhanara Bekembay

6. Aslan Yeszhanuly

Our guests were:

1. Valikhan Moldabekov – cultural figure, musician, expat from Moscow

2. Marina Vorobyeva – eco-entrepreneur, manufacturer of niche organic food products

3 . Zhanibek Amankulov - Director of the Treasury Department of the gold mining company ALTYNALMAS JSC, Almaty

4. Dmitry Lugovoi – Paste President of the Rotary Club "Saratov-Center", owner of the Tritech group of companies

5. Kyle Tucker – American Volunteer, Indiana University Fellow in International Relations and Slavic Languages

Thank you to everyone who was with us and happy to continue!