Karma and Rotary: KZ Club Partnership...

19 September 2022

Karma and Rotary: KZ Club Partnership - India

We continue the review of new international relations of our Club.

We present to your attention our Indian colleagues - Rotary Club Mysore South East.

The Indian Club of Mysore (Karnataka), established in 1983, is quite large:

• 55 members,

• 3 rotaracts in the universities of this state,

• Interact.

Financing is about 1.5 - 2 million dollars a year.

The portfolio of projects is strictly set by the district (in India there are several independent districts) - the autonomy of local clubs is clearly inscribed in the overall strategy of the district.

The main projects are impressive:

1. In the field of environmental safety (rainwater harvesting systems for agriculture)

2. Drought management (Clean Water Access Programme)

3 . Education – teaching the children of the state the basics of hygiene and constant supply of their hygienic supplies

4. In healthcare, the priority is infectious disease , both in the context of hygiene and the provision of hospitals and the population of epidemiologically problematic regions with medicines.

In total, there are about 8,000 Rotarians in 78 clubs in India.

Popularity is explained by ideological reasons - Hindu elites follow the path of purification of karma through good deeds.

It is no coincidence that for Indian Rotarians, the Rotary Wheel and the Karma Wheel are a single spiritual mechanism.

There are also strictly pragmatic reasons - Rotary clubs for Indian business people are an effective social elevator to the top, to the international level and allows you to organize networking outside caste prejudices.

The Indian delegation headed by President Mohan M. and Vice President – E.C. Ningaraj Gowda paid a business visit to Almaty. On behalf of the RCA, the meeting was held by the Secretary of the Club - Vitaliy Koltochnik. At the end of the meeting, the traditional exchange of pennants of the clubs took place.