Kazakhstan - Lithuania: the first Rotary...

31 March 2022

First Rotary contact: Lithuania - Kazakhstan
The current Year 117 of Rotary has been a very significant one for Rotary in our country. For the first time in the pandemic, direct international communication between Rotarians from different countries has become possible. The last such contacts were in 2019.
So, on March 31, at the regular meeting of the Rotary Club of Almaty, we were visited by a Rotarian from Lithuania Aurimas Bogdanavičius. Eco-entrepreneur, the owner of the leading environmental companies in the Baltic States - Ekko and Foksas, arrived in Kazakhstan to establish networking.
Aurimas represents the Rotary Club of the picturesque city of Zarasai (district 1462, Zarasų Rotary Klub), being the youngest Rotarian among his teammates.
As the guest of honor shared with us, the first Rotary clubs in Lithuania opened after the Second World War - in 1945. Today, there is almost complete coverage of the country's territory by the Rotarian movement - for 3 million people there are 58 clubs uniting more than 1200 community members.
The priorities of our Lithuanian colleagues are charity for the poor, ecology and healthcare.
The second key event of our meeting was the participation of Stepan Shramko - one of the founders of the Rotaract Club of Almaty (Rotaract is the youth wing of Rotary). In the difficult covid years, rotaract club was frozen for objective reasons and now it's time for revival.
Rotaract was remembered by many Almaty residents for a large-scale action to collect donor blood "Drop to Drop" in 2017.
In total, 180 liters of blood were collected, which helped more than 1,000 people.
Also our guest was Irina Soluyanova, an eminent headhunter, HR specialist, international expert in business development, coach on career and personal development.
Irina shared in detail interesting cases from her practice. Rotary Club looks forward to fruitful cooperation with Irina in the foreseeable future.
The club is gaining momentum, now internationally.
From the Rotary Club of Almaty with you were Madina Kosai, Erik Lim, Vitaly Koltochnik, Aslan Yeszhanuly, Marina Sabitova, Elizaveta Vorobyeva and our honored guests.