Each... a little wizard

29 April 2016

In the Almaty children's clinic "Aksai" a magical garden city appeared, where cheerful smeshariki live, and apples and pears ripen on the trees all year round. Children who come here for treatment are met by the heroes of their favorite cartoons. While parents draw up the necessary documents, boys and girls have fun in the play area.

Members of the humanitarian organization Rotary Club almaty come to the rescue at the first call. They support people in difficult life situations and implement social projects in schools and hospitals. Having learned that the reception department of the Aksai children's clinic looks, to put it mildly, depressing, the activists of the Rotary Club of Almaty decided to make repairs in it. They painted the walls, bought comfortable furniture, installed a modern lighting system, but did not stop there. Rotarians decided to give the reception room a festive look. Artist Zhanel Zhubanova painted a fairy-tale city on its walls, and Danone equipped the reception room with a play area.

"Now it is simply impossible to go to our hospital and not smile," says Irina Brezhneva, director of the Aksai clinic. - I can't believe that recently the reception room was a pathetic sight. And in such unsuitable conditions, we received up to seven thousand young patients a year. And now the kids, seeing the funny Nyusha and the cheerful Crumb, immediately wipe away tears. I am very grateful to the members of the Rotary Almaty Club for the fact that they help the kids to recover faster. They installed high-quality equipment for operating rooms in our clinic and opened a rehabilitation room for convalescent children. The youngest patients believe that the Rotary Club consists of real magicians and sorcerers. And we do not argue with them, because only true wizards can fulfill the cherished desires of children.

"I sincerely admire the responsiveness of Rotarians," artist Zhanel Zhubanova enters the conversation. - For example, within the framework of the Clean Air project, they installed more than 50 bicycle parking lots in Almaty and restored the library in school No. 192, which suffered from mudflows. And during the flood, the Rotary Club set up a feeding station for children, delivering medicines to rescuers clearing the rubble. I am proud that the Rotarians offered me cooperation. For three days I painted the hospital walls, my muse did not know peace and did not complain of fatigue.