Rotary Youth Talent Pool and Total...

20 January 2022

News of the day: Rotary has its own youth personnel reserve in Almaty 
Rotary Club Almaty in these difficult times for the whole country continues its work.
At a meeting on January 20, for the first time in history, young Rotarians joined the Club, ready to change the world in accordance with Rotarian principles and ideas.
So, meet us – wonderful young people Madiyar Almas and Liana Koshieva joined our ranks.
Madiyar is the president of the Kazakhstan Club of Magicians, the owner of the brand of youth clothing BEYNE WEAR.
He is the youngest in the world and the only winner of the Merlin Cup in Central Asia (analogue of the Oscar for magicians: Merlin laureates - David Copperfield, David Blaine, Dynamo, Chris Angel). Resident of the Russian Association of Illusionists and the International Society of Illusionists, New York. He opened the first school in Kazakhstan to teach the "Academy of magic" tricks.
He is engaged in event management and digital marketing. Launched more than 20 SMEs from scratch during the quarantine period.
Liana Koshieva is a graduate of the Galaxy International School, Bahçeşehir International University (BAU) in Istanbul, an international political scientist. Engaged in marketing, PR and promotion in the field of healthcare.
Liana is a volunteer, a member of the youth wing of the World Association of Turks-Akhysk "DATUB", which includes Turks-Akhyska (Meskhetians) from 9 countries of the world. Liana takes an active part in the charitable initiatives of the Rotary Club of Almaty - from fundraising to organizational assistance, we are very grateful to her.
Both Liana and Madiyar recently turned 23 years old, they are the youngest Rotarians in Kazakhstan. For our Club, this is a very positive signal for the renewal that we are going through together with our entire society.
Today, our club of like-minded people has been updated by 70% and this is not the limit.
Introducing our team:
1. Madina Kosai is the president of the Club, entrepreneur, coach, business coach, business consultant, writer.
2. Aida Alzhanova is a secretary and president-elector, civil activist, philanthropist, member of the Public Council of Almaty, ex-adviser to the UN.
3 . Natalia Drobysheva is the paste-president of the Club, HR-entrepreneur.
4. Altynai Beisembieva is the president of the Club 2019-2020, philanthropist, entrepreneur.
5. Leila Akhmet Othman is an international art entrepreneur, artist, creator of the lucky Turtle brand, UN Goodwill Ambassador in the field of environmental protection.
6. Aslan Yeszhanuly is an entrepreneur, investor in real estate, construction and agriculture, the leader of the Sparta community.
8. Aigul Kassymova is a fashion designer, designer, creator of his own clothing brand AIGUL KASSYMOVA.
9. Meruert Mamatova is an entrepreneur, blogger, owner of the Academy of Sports Ballroom Dances Asia Pro Dance.
10. Vitaliy Koltochnik is a political strategist, analyst, advisor to the Civic Alliance of Kazakhstan.
11. Gulshat Nurpeisova is a civil activist, public figure, blogger, facilitator, coach, coach of Karmalogic and Franklincovey, speaker of TedX Talks, president of the Black Sea Fleet "Beautiful Children of Kazakhstan", entrepreneur.
12. Yerlan Nurpeisov is a blogger, eco-entrepreneur, owner of Green Auto Service LLP, founder of the Beautiful Children of Kazakhstan Foundation.
13. Evgeny Mukhamedzhanov is an eco-entrepreneur, investor, founder of the Startup EcoNetwork.
14. Zhanna Isingarina is a media expert, the head of the communication company "TLKMedia", an association of industry media.
15. Zhanara Bekembay is an entrepreneur in the field of accounting, show business and visa support, a financier.
16. Maral Tompiev is the president of the Kazakhstan Association of Building Materials Industry, a writer and historian.
17. Gaukhar Batalova is an entrepreneur and philanthropist.
18. Amir Kabulov is a designer, architect, entrepreneur.
19. Marina Sabitova is a political strategist, educator, owner of the kazan Education pre-university training center.
20. Eric Lim is an entrepreneur in the supply of medical equipment, a philanthropist.
Now our efforts are aimed at providing fundamental assistance to people in matters of health, education and the opening of international social elevators for young people. Stay tuned.