Rotaract Almaty: the first training camp

11 February 2023

Today, on February 11, Depo Evolution Park held the first strategic session for rotarators under the auspices of the Almaty Rotary Club and the ICC KZ - RU Intercountry Rotary Committee.

Aslan Yeszhanuly, as the head of the Youth Committee of the RCA, pumped the primary staff. In our rotaract team, both students and established working graduates with their own businesses are all charged with improving our society and sharing the values of Rotary: outside politics - outside religion - outside the national barriers. From different parts of our country and not only. Youth networking on top of all jurisdictions and borders.

The agenda of the strategic session was to convey to our guys the mission of Rotary, its priorities and determine in which direction the revived Rotaract Almaty would move.

The trajectory is chosen - you can continue the path.

From RKA with you were

Vitaliy Koltochnik, Aslan Yeszhanuly, Stepan Shramko, Zhangir Tuyakov and our strategic partners - Dmitry Lugovoi and Natalia Larina - paste - presidents of the Rotary Club Saratov - Center, curators of the intercountry committee.