Rotary Effect: Quality, Trust and Benefit...

28 October 2021

Rotary Effect - 2: a guarantee of quality, trust and benefit to society
The ceremony of welcoming a new Member of Rotary Vitaly Koltochnik suggested why and what great prospects membership in the club opens and what are the reasons for its popularity.
First, the club's social projects, which solve acute problems of society, strengthen the political stability of states, extinguish social tensions and strengthen the institutions of power and civil society.
For leaders of business, professions and public spheres, Rotary is a platform for safe cooperation and mutual support, increasing influence at the international level and an ideal self-branding mechanism.
Secondly, consumers of the services of Rotarian businessmen can be confident in the quality, since ethical rules oblige to treat customers as honestly as possible. In addition, participation in Rotary gives business sociality, environmental friendliness, responsibility. That is, in fact, it serves as a kind of "barcode of quality" and makes you your own among the 1.5 million leaders of their fields - that's how many Rotarians in the world, dispersed in 46 thousand clubs.
Thus, one Rotary club gives a social effect comparable to the activities of a large corporation. And everyone wins – the government, business, social activists, young people.