Rotary effect: a guarantee of quality,...

28 October 2021

Rotary effect: a guarantee of quality, trust and benefit to society
On October 28, 2021, a regular meeting of the Rotary Club Almaty (First) was held.
The good news is that the new member of the club is Vitaly Koltochnik , an independent political strategist, analyst, expert of the Public Council of Almaty and a member of the Association for Political Studies.
I will tell you in a few words about the ceremony of admission to the Club.
The new Rotarian takes an oath not only to fulfill obligations to the community, but also to be an exemplary citizen of his country, to observe business and professional ethics, not to allow undeserved privileges in business relations for other Rotarians.
Now for what follows.
Membership in Rotary ensures that its members are trustworthy as partners, citizens, employees, managers. And for business success, the opportunity to find reliable partners and conclude an honest deal is priority No. 1.
I'll go back to the club meeting. The guest of the meeting was a young businessman Serik Shanmanov , the owner of the call center on the outsourcing Of Let's Call. Thanks to his project, Almaty entrepreneurs survived the height of lockdowns much more easily. Moving all services to a remote location was the only option to survive and reduce costs.
Not only business representatives of the largest TNCs also show interest in Rotary's activities. The meeting was attended by Rinat Shaibakov, Corporate Security Director of Philip Morris Kazakhstan and the strongest expert on risk securitization.
The main speaker at the meeting was Marina Sabitova, a successful entrepreneur in the field of education (Kazan Education Pre-University Training Center) and an international-class political strategist actively working in Kazakhstan and throughout the post-Soviet space.
Zhanna Isingarina is the president of the country's leading communication company TLKMedia and the leader of the Association of Industry Media, a civil activist of the "Protect Almaty" movement.
Aigul Kasymova- a new member of the Rotary Club, spoke fascinatingly about her clothing brand AIGUL KASSYMOVA with a 15-year history and world representation. Its activities integrate Kazakhstani national clothes into the modern world and make Kazakhstan recognizable in the fashion world.
Gorgeous news at the end of the meeting - Altynai Beisembieva (Rotary President 2019-2020) reported that Almaty Rotary was among the best clubs in the regional and world ranking.
We are confident that Rotarianism in Kazakhstan will make a quantum leap of development. Due to what this will happen, I will write in the second part