Rotary Club Almaty & Urban Living

18 January 2023

Today, on 18.01, our strategic partners - Urban Living company presented a unique project of the main Architectural Fountain Arman Bulaq, designed within the framework of the program of our Club - Almaty Fountains. The fountain will become a tourist feature of the southern capital of the level of the Trevi Fountain in Rome in an ultramodern performance.

The project is high-tech, minimalistic, combines high-tech with the national idea and symbols.

Wait for the presentation.

We cemented our friendship with the wonderful Urban Living team, led by the charming Gulmira Baigabulova, a well-known public figure, a member of the OCA (Commission #2) and her fellow architects from Italy, Ricardo Marini and Marco Brunelli.

RCA presented our friends with a Rotary pennant as a token of special appreciation.

From the Rotary Club of Almaty with you were Altynai Beisembieva (President), Vitaliy Koltochnik (Secretary) and Amir Kabulov (Head of the Project Committee)