Rotary Club Almaty completed the first...

12 January 2023

On January 12, 2023, the Rotary Club of Almaty drew a line under the children's health care program "Weight of Life" to re-equip the perinatal centers of Almaty with high-tech incubators.

The happy owners of the cuvezes were the Center for Perinatology and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and the City Perinatal Center at the Almaty City Health.

Statistics on children with a lack of weight are very harsh - in Almaty, according to health authorities, about 4,000 premature babies are born annually, some of whom have an extremely low body weight. And thanks to new technologies for protecting public health and increasing their accessibility for Kazakhstan, the survival rate of such children increases annually.

And the Rotary Club of Almaty strictly follows this trend, increasing the availability of the most advanced technologies in medicine for the local public health protection system.

The "Weight of Life" program, patronized by RCA President Altynai Beisembiyeva 2022-2023, was executed in partnership with five Rotarian clubs from South Korea (district 3662) JUNGMOON, MOSULPO, JUNGMOON CHILSEONNYEO, JEJU CHOINAMDAN, JEJU ANDUK.

Our Korean partners were represented by long-time friends and strategic partners of the RCA, who honored our city with an official visit to donate their ditches:

YANG MOON BONG – Paste President of JEJU-NOHYUNG ROTARY CLUB, Chairman of the Program and Planning Committee 2022-2023 and future Governor of South Korean Rotary District 3662 (period 2024-2025)

LEE SEUNGHOON – Paste President of MOSULPO ROTARY CLUB 2021-2022.

Significant support in the implementation of the program was provided by the permanent strategic partner of RCA - PF "CHARITABLE FOUNDATION "RESPUBLIKA FOUNDATION", which took part in the sponsorship of the project.

It is important to note the contribution of SLC-ASIA TRADE LLP in the preferential and high-speed supply of expensive medical equipment.

The program of the day of presentation of incubators was very rich - a joint delegation of Rotarians of Almaty, South Korea, the leadership of the Health Department, deputies of the maslikhat of Almaty and officials of the city akimat visited each perinatal center and the evening meeting of the Rotary Club of Almaty at the Intercontinental Hotel.

During the event, the project partners exchanged valuable gifts and awards.

Delegates from the fraternal clubs of South Korea awarded letters of gratitude for their long-term friendship and strategic cooperation to Altynai Beisembiyev (current president of the RCA) and Natalia Drobysheva (past president 2020-2021, treasurer 2022-2023).

It should be noted that in pursuance of the "Weight of Life" Program, the Rotary Club of Almaty and the Department of Public Health of Almaty were for the first time in the history of Rotarianism in KZ a strategic memorandum on the development of children's health care. The essence of the New RCA Course in the year of Imagine Rotary is systemic strategic cooperation with industry government agencies and the Akim of Almaty.

And the presentation of incubators is followed by a new phase of the program of assistance to children's health care - a global grant for the training of Almaty perinatologists in the best clinics of South Korea, about which a new memorandum will be signed in the near future. Stay tuned, friends – stay tuned to Rotary