Rotary Chronicles: Renewal and Territory of...

11 November 2021

The Rotarian Chronicles: Renewal and the Territory of Friendship
The Rotary update is accelerating. At the meeting on 11.11.2021, Rotary Club Amaty was joined by a trio of new associates, about whom special mention should be made.
Spouses Nurpeisov Gulshat and Yerlan are social entrepreneurs, civil activists, patrons of the arts, bloggers, public leaders. The charitable foundation "Beautiful Children of Kazakhstan" created by them made a serious contribution to the treatment of children with scoliosis in severe forms. The Foundation's Free Day Hospitals project for covid patients has helped treat more than 300 financially difficult patients.
The Nurpeisov couple is also working on solving national problems - the elimination of bullying in schools, the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and health care: they do all this within the framework of special working groups on changing legislation and promoting the reform agenda in the information field.
The actions of the new colleagues are imbued with the common goal of all Rotarians of the world - to make the life of a particular society and further all mankind - better, happier and fairer.
The third newcomer to our club is Meruert Mamatova. Entrepreneur with a capital letter, a brilliant organizer of ballet, the academy of sports ballroom dances "Asia Dance". The Academy consists of 20 branches of dance schools in Almaty. Meruerth organizes the annual charity inter-school tournament "Asia dance". Students of the school are champions of the city and the country in sports ballroom dancing. There is also a personal dance training program for adults.
If we talk about the values of Rotary , our new members very clearly illustrate the value of "Every Rotarian is an example for young people", because they are all united by mentoring the younger generation.
In the Rotarian meeting, as always, there was a new speaker - representing the consulting industry - Riza Demirbash, an entrepreneur-consultant, in the past a corporate top manager of international level.
The practice of developing Almaty rotarianism shows a clear balance - the leaders of various industries are represented. Rotarianism naturally attracts professionals with a special atmosphere: each Rotary club is a "friendship club" in unofficial usage.
The partnership and partnership relationship established through participation in club life is a very strong foundation for further growth, both in business, in personal development and in professional networking. In addition, Rotary ethics guarantees the honesty of this relationship.
We also discussed new projects – with the growth of the Club, opportunities and scale for new beginnings are expanding. But we will talk about this separately.