Rotary Club Almaty is the winner...

30 May 2022

Rotary Club Almaty: recognition on the path of good!

On May 30, 2022, at the Intercontinental Hotel (Abai Hall), the President of the Rotary Club of Almaty Madina Kosai and the Chairman of the PR Committee Vitaly Koltochnik attended the presentation of the award to our Club for participation in the IV republican competition "Caravan of Kindness", held by the Association of Business Women of Kazakhstan.

Rotary Club Almaty won in the nomination "Meyirim Zholynda" (Way of Good) - for those who provide constant gratuitous assistance for a certain time.

In total, there were 7 nominations in the Marathon of Kindness and 1033 laureates - people and organizations that perform good deeds.

The examples of human heroism noted at the competition are amazing. Chairman of the Association of Business Women of Almaty Balym Batayeva told at the presentation how one of the participants saved a drowning little girl. A disabled woman who lost both hands created a sustainable social business project that gave dozens of jobs to people with disabilities. It is noteworthy that the organizing committee of the Contest was forced to independently search for and invite potential nominees - people in our culture are not used to advertising good deeds and even more so to look for awards.

The victory in the competition in two main nominations "Tugan Zher" (assistance to the native land in the field of education, ecology and improvement, restoration of cultural sites, etc.) and "Batyl Zhurek" (for heroic courage and dedication) was awarded to Honored Doctor Arai Tolemisova and athlete Dauren Rymkulov. Dauren is a true hero who saved 6 children from a house fire at the call of their mother.

The award ceremony was held in a touching friendly atmosphere. As madina Kosai, President of our club, emphasized in her welcoming speech, "Kindness is the most important part of our culture: it must be nurtured, shared and done from the heart. For the Rotary Club, good deeds are the highest value and principle of all its actions. Such events are very important for maintaining the fire of good intentions and the spirit of patriotism and creativity in people. We are honored to accept this award."

For 27 years of work, the Rotary Club of Almaty has promoted over several hundred charitable projects - such as Ken Zhurek, Drop to Drop, Red Zebra, equipping hospitals in need with reanimobiles and medical equipment, associations of people with disabilities, campaigns for ecology, clean air, targeted assistance to people in difficult life situations, support for orphanages, homes for the disabled, providing hospitals with incubators for premature babies and much more. We believe that this is a significant contribution to improving the lives of thousands of people, changing their fate in a favorable way and are happy to continue our work.