Rotary ambulance on the way!

27 January 2022

Rotary Clubs are rushing to the rescue!
On January 26, a memorable event in the humanitarian life of the country took place. Two Rotary clubs operating in the southern capital - Almaty International Rotary Club and Rotary Club of Almaty - handed over an ambulance to the Karatal district of the Almaty region to the outpatient clinic of the Bastobinsky rural district.
The reanimobile was purchased by the Almaty International Rotary Club team and fully equipped with the latest equipment - an electrocardiograph, an inhaler, a defibrillator-monitor, special stretchers and other important components.
The relevance of this step of the Rotarians can hardly be overestimated. After all, for 6 thousand inhabitants in Bastoba, this is the only outpatient clinic. Due to the acute shortage of reanimobiles, the transportation of patients often had to be carried out by private transport with serious risks to the life and health of patients.
The delegation of the Almaty International Rotary Club was headed by the President of the Club Nelly Khan and Tatyana Nam - the President of the Elect, the members of the Club - Viktor Nam, Evgenia Tskhay, Alexander and Galina Kim, Vladimir Khan participated.
Rotary Club Almaty was represented by the President of 2021 - 2022 - Madina Kosai and the Chairman of the PR Committee Vitaly Koltochnik.
Akim of Karatal district Yerlan Isabekov, akim of Bastobinsky rural district Eduard Kim, chief doctor of Karatal district Birzhan Kumarov participated in the official ceremony.
Also, with the assistance of the Red Cross and Crescent, trainings were conducted for residents of the Karatal district on the provision of primary pre-medical care in cases of severe injuries. During the trainings, the instructors taught dressing for open fractures, bleeding and artificial respiration techniques.
Great admiration was caused by the very high level of training of doctors of the rural district of Bastobe, their genuine enthusiasm and dedication. The chief physician of the Bastoba Hospital BIrzhan Kumarov is a recognized neurosurgeon.
The program and atmosphere of the visit was very intense. We also visited a memorial complex at the foot of Mount Bastobe in Ushtobe, dedicated to the first Korean settlers deported from the Far East. There is a unique memorial of gratitude to the Kazakh people "Cossack khalkyna myn algys" from all deported people. On a specially designed plate is engraved the inscription of President Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev: "Kazakhstan and South Korea are reliable strategic partners.
Kazakhstani Koreans make a great contribution to the development of cultural and interpersonal exchanges between the two countries." During the visit, the leaders of the International Rotary Club handed over the books of the Korean poet Stanislav Lee to the library of the Ushtobin Korean Cultural Center.
The visit was a landmark for Almaty Rotary clubs and was in line with two of Rotarian's global priorities – disease control and peacemaking in the name of equality, justice and inclusion (commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).
Now it is vital for our country to raise the health of the nation to a new level. And we need to start with small things for the regions and categories of the population that need it the most.
We are happy to be part of Rotary, whose main motto is "Serving people is above your own interests".