Prospects for a cultural hub in...

28 January 2023

At today's meeting of the RCA on January 26, we discussed with our guests and potential sponsors of the Club's projects the window of opportunities that have opened up for Kazakhstan in uniting the cultural space divided by the current international turbulence.

Cultural projects were presented.

President of RCA 2022-2023 Altynai Beisembieva continued to acquaint our audience with the main eco-cultural project of the year - Almaty Fountains and presented the concept of the Main Architectural Fountain - Arman Bulaq in a detailed form. The fountain is unique in its symbolism and manufacturability, smart control, embodying at the design level the purity and transparency of thoughts, the flawlessness of the mechanism of rotation of Rotary gear wheels, serving the cause of world patronage, humanism and progress.

Recall that the project was developed by the famous Italian architect and urbanist Riccardo Marrini, working in the team of Rotary's key partner Urban Living, headed by Gulmira Baigabulova.

Philanthropist and art entrepreneur from Moscow, a friend of Rotary - Andrey Khlus presented to our attention the work ofSvetlana Evdokimova - a modern artist-sculptor who creates his masterpieces from Murano glass and steel. Earlier, our speaker presented to the Club the works of the Italian mosaic artist Marco Bravura and continues his noble work. We believe that such projects are very important for Kazakhstan to modernize our cultural code.

Our country has a huge potential for development as a cultural hub and bridge of Eurasia and a point of assembly of all cultural trends, trends and creative people from all over the post-Soviet space. Rotary Club Almaty can and is ready to act as a platform for cultural unity in diversity, which is fully consistent with the global Rotary agenda.

RCA was presented to you today

Altynai Beisembieva (President), Vitaliy Koltochnik (Secretary), Natalia Drobysheva (Treasurer), Amir Kabulov (Chairman of the Project Committee), Marina Sabitova (Vice-President) and Stepan Shramko (Mentor of the Club).

Our Russian colleagues - Rotarians Dmitry Lugovoi and Natalia Larina - paste presidents of the Republic of Kazakhstan Saratov-Center.

Special thanks to the guests of the evening -

1. Andrey Khlus is the director of SCM of the agro-industrial holding AITAS. KZ art entrepreneur, expat from Moscow

2. Sergey Kravchenko - founder of the telecommunications company "Sanus Kazakhstan"

3.Zhanna Berdysheva – Commercial Director of "Sanus Kazakhstan"

4. Dmitry Vavilov - Leading Manager of telecommunications company "Sanus Kazakhstan" LLP

Past Presidents of rotary club "Saratov Center", founders of the Tritech group of companies

5. Zarina Yesbulatova – member of the Coordination Council of the Alliance of Women's Forces, Master of Philology, expert on intercultural communications and international politics of the Kazakh-German University, Assistant to the President of the University

6. Zhanibek Amankulov - Director of the Treasury Department of the gold mining company ALTYNALMAS JSC

See you next time!

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