Rotary's Values in Its Rules, Traditions,...

5 May 2022

Dedicated to Rotary Values

Rotary Club Almaty on 05.05.2022 held a regular meeting on Rotary values, affecting the conceptual foundations of public service and the rules of honorary membership, the status of key charitable projects of the outgoing Rotary year and the discussion of new ones.

The meeting was held in an expanded format – our guests were our long-term friends and partners, and completely new faces.

Svetlana Kirichkova is the President of the Ken Zhurek Foundation, the first NGO dedicated to the fight against childhood epilepsy in KZ. Since 2019, our Club has been one sponsor and strategic partner of the project in 6 regions of the country.

Anna Vasko is Svetlana's colleague at the Ken Zhurek Foundation. Svetlana and Anna are both mothers of children exposed to this dangerous disease and at the call of the heart lead an irreconcilable struggle for the health of our children against epilepsy.

Svetlana made a detailed presentation of ken Zhurek's program and together we outlined a plan for further cooperation. A general summary – the program of assistance to young patients with epilepsy should be transferred to the category of state programs – this is what our common efforts will be aimed at.

Rotary's new guests were

Anvar Aldashev is the founder of the startup (a mobile application for assessing akims' levels by the population of the republic), a media entrepreneur, publisher, journalist, author of the telegram channel ALDASHEV, and publisher of the website It is gratifying that real steps are being taken in Kazakhstan towards digital democracy and strengthening public confidence in the authorities - this is a new level.

Arailym Kirgizbekova is a social entrepreneur, founder of the British kindergarten Britannica, visa support center Visa Online, business coach from NCE Atameken, mentor of the EBRD. In parallel, Arailym is engaged in the development of education around the world as an ambassador of an Australian NGO.

Ruslana Pysarenko, teacher, co-founder of the first private school WUNDER Academy for special and normotypical children.

Gennady Zakharov – top marketer of the country, supervisor of digital solutions, SMM and marketing at Philipp Morris Kazakhstan

Muratzhan Saktaganov is an oncologist-mammologist, a member of the volunteer group "SOS Working Group" during Covid-19, a person who occupies an active civil position.

We traditionally discussed updates in all areas of activity, formed a pack of new proposals taking into account the opinions of guests.

Gulshat Nurpeisova, Secretary of the Club 2022, shared in detail the results of her participation in the Assembly of our District 2430 in Ankara, which brought together more than 800 Rotarians from different parts of the world who are part of the district.

The atmosphere was optimistic and friendly, the participants were presented with commemorative badges from the District Assembly.

Thanks to all the Rotarian participants of the meeting – Aida Alzhanova, Aigul Kasymova, Gulshat Nurpeisova, Vitaly Koltochnik, Marina Sabitova, Stepan Shramko, Elizaveta Vorobyeva, Marzhan Sadykova and our wonderful guests. Always with you!