Meeting with Rotary Club Fergana Valley

9 October 2022

On Saturday, October 8, the hotel hosted a very warm meeting with a supernova club from fraternal Kyrgyzstan - "Fergana Valley".

This is the second Club born on August 30 of this year in Osh. It is gratifying that the club's mission is the social transformation of the entire Fergana Valley, not limited to the territory of Kyrgyzstan - a local service to global priorities. A wonderful team, very promising projects from the very first steps .

The club focuses on supporting children and young people:

- social adaptation of troubled adolescents from orphanages - their re-education into leaders capable of making decisions;

- educational support - translation and publication in the Kyrgyz Republic in all languages of the Fergana Valley of manuals for teachers on working with special children;

- Organization of volunteer fire brigades;

- youth exchanges;

- development of IT education in Batken region and computerization of schools in need

and many other projects that will make life in the region better.

at the end of the official part, we sealed the friendship with an exchange of pennants and a photo shoot.

The friendly meeting was attended by:

From the Fraternal Club - Akylai Karim, President of the Fergana Valley Club;

Christian Gessl - Secretary;


Ainura Ormonova and Kanat Zholchiev

From RCA:

Vitaliy Koltochnik - Secretary of the Rotary Club of Almaty;

Ayaal Eginov - member of rotary club Yakutsk

Christian Gessl, Ayal Eghinov, Akylai Karim, Ainura Ormonova, Vitaliy Koltochnik, Kanat Zholchiev