"Aksay" Child's Clinic. Emergency room restoration

Rotary Club of Almaty President Andrey Astakhov and the Aksay Clinic representative cut the ribbon at the official opening ceremony after the emergency room restoration.

Our next project in the Republican Child's clinical hospital "Aksay" - restoration and decoration of the emergency room - has come to an end.  Now, while parents make out the necessary documents, children have fun in a specially created and brightly decorated play area, which immediately reduces the burden of negative emotions of a sick child.

During the restoration, the walls were re-painted, comfortable furniture was purchased, lighting fixtures were replaced.
In addition, thanks to the help of a young Almaty artist Janel ZHUBANOVA, who painted the walls, the emergency room turned into a fabulous city.

We are also very grateful to Danone Kazakhstan company, which joined our project and equipped the play area with original wall games.

Here is how the management of the clinic speaks about the work done by us during the project:
– Now it is simply impossible to come to our hospital and not to smile, - the Director of clinic "Aksay" Irina Brezhneva speaks. – I can't believe the emergency room was such a sorry sight just a short time ago." And here in such unsuitable conditions we accepted up to seven thousand small patients a year. And now the kids, seeing a funny Nyusha and cheerful Crumble, immediately wipe their tears. I am very grateful to the members of the Rotary Club of Almaty for helping kids to recover faster.