Toilet rooms's renovation at Baganashil orphanage

10 (ten) Sanitary-and-hygienic rooms of four-floor buildings of №1 Orphanage House in Baganashyl, Almaty were in unsatisfactory condition. Pipes, toilet bowls, bowls, shower, water taps, and another sanitary equipment were non-working. Floors were watered, because of sewer pipes’ poor condition. Walls, doors, window frames became damped and were unworkable. Children had no possibility to take a shower, a toilet, to wash.

The bathroom was in terrible condition before the renovation...

At a regular Rotary meeting a decision was made to reconstruct bathrooms of this Orphanage House. Thus we bought:

1. Toilet bowls and accessories;
2. Washstands and accessories;
3. Water taps;
4. Doors;
5. All necessary finishing materials for the bathrooms repair

We have also provided the materials and equipment delivery to the Orphanage and paid to specialists for renovation works and equipment installation.
We are really glad to witness that such a small project also brought a big improvement to children's lives!

New shower is ready

New toilets in the Orphanage