Repair of toilets in an orphanage...

The 10 bathrooms and toilets on the four floors of Children's Home No. 1 in Baganashile were in an absolutely unacceptable condition. Pipes, toilets, sinks, showers and other hygiene devices were inoperable condition.
The floors were flooded due to the poor condition of the water pipes. Walls, doors and window frames were damaged and fell intooperative condition. Children could not take a shower, go to the toilet or just wash their hands.

Condition of bathrooms before the start of the project

At the weekly meeting of Rotary, it was decided to reconstruct the toilets in the Children's Home, for which we bought:

1. Toilets and accessories for their work.

2. Washbasins.

3 . Water taps.

4. Door.

5. Accessories for repairing baths.

We also ensured the delivery of materials to the repair site to the orphanage and paid for the work of specialists in the reconstruction and installation of equipment.

We are glad that even such a small project has significantly changed the lives of many children for the better!

New shower room ready

Now it can be called a toilet...