KUN BALA. Learning Materials

The first stage of the project to help the Public Foundation "KUN BALA", working with children and adolescents with Down syndrome, was the acquisition of a large set of educational materials and educational toys. They are developed according to the methodology of Montessori programs and are made in Russia.
According to teachers and experts working in the development center of the PF "KUN BALA", bright and functional materials (tactile letters and numbers, weight plates, models of geometric bodies, Pythagoras boards, board games and much more) will significantly increase the efficiency of teaching children of preschool and primary school age, helping them to prepare for further inclusive education - education in ordinary kindergartens and schools, which is currently one of the Priorities of the Fund.

Our Club, with the help of KUN BALA specialists, conducted a search, selected the most suitable manufacturer of specific educational materials, manuals and toys, purchased them for a total of 392,205 rubles and transferred them for free use to the development center.

The Public Foundation "Assistance to Children and Adolescents with Down Syndrome "Kun Bala" has existed since August 14, 2015. The Foundation is organized by parents raising "sunny children". The Foundation conducts constant educational activities to raise the awareness of Kazakhstanis about the nature of diabetes, the possibilities of people with the syndrome and their inclusion in public life.