KUN BALA. Rope Park

The second stage of the project to help the Public Foundation "KUN BALA", working with children and adolescents with Down syndrome, ended with a festive picnic in the development center of the Foundation. which was timed to coincide with the International Children's Day and the opening of its own "rope park" in the center. Our Club paid for the development and installation of all elements of the "rope park", classes on which will improve the overall motor skills of pupils and, as a result, will affect the overall effectiveness of training.

In addition, on the territory of the center next to the "rope park", we also installed a special developing house in which children in the form of a game will be able to learn basic skills - counting, distinguishing colors, geometric shapes, etc.

Parents of children and Rotarians festively decorated the territory and invited animators who arranged fun games and competitions. 

We are grateful to all individual participants of the charity event "Hotter than July" and partner companies that helped to implement this project.