"Stream of Kindness"

The Republic of Kazakhstan has adopted a State programme to include children with special needs in the general flow of pupils. This program was called "inclusion". However, at the initial stage, educational institutions are in dire need of funds when opening rooms for psychological and pedagogical correction, in connection with which secondary school No. 184 appealed to the Rotary Club of Almaty with a request to support the creation of such a cabinet.

In parallel with this, we communicated with the organizers of the Center for Social Inclusive Programs (parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)) and the Correctional and DevelopmentAl Center for Sensory Integration "Ray of Light". They help in the acquisition of communication skills by children and access to a social environment, help parents understand and support their unusual children, give them hope that their children, becoming adults, will be able to live a full independent life.

Having studied the situation and the needs of educational centers, we turned to our long-term partner Philips Kazakhstan, which agreed to support this project.

As a result, this small project has helped to provide special teaching aids to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The collected funds were used to purchase didactic material, equipment for mental and physical correction.

Also, books and teaching aids were purchased for the city's "pilot" project , an inclusive class in which ASD children are trained together with ordinary children who voluntarily perform the role of "mentors" (tutors) in accordance with the program of the Center for Social Inclusive Programs. And for school No. 184, we purchased furniture for equipping the office of psychological and pedagogical correction.

The project "Stream of Kindness" was implemented by us in April-December 2018.

We express our deep gratitude to our partner – Philips Kazakhstan for their support!