Renovation of the House of Yesenov

The project for the reconstruction of showers and toilets in the Yesenov Family Children's Home was a continuation of the charity event Happiness Day 2017, which the Club held at the end of March. It was there that we raised the funds that made it possible to carry out our plans.

And the story began with the very first visit of several Rotarians to Issyk, where we met the Yesenov family - a couple who adopted and took custody of 30 (!) children of different ages and nationalities. And despite the fact that in the family orphanage the parents created an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, a clear distribution of responsibilities for the house and mutual assistance, the big problem was the condition and number of bathrooms, as well as the lack of hot water in the house. So the Rotarians unanimously decided that we would fix that first.

As a result, a reconstruction project was developed, which made it possible to significantly improve the quality of life of the pupils of the family orphanage. The number of separate bathrooms (for boys and girls) was increased, showers in the house were equipped and boilers for heating water were installed.

The project was completed in the summer of 2017.

In the photo gallery (below) you can see what was "before" and became "after" the completion of the project.