Tango Nights

9 June 2007

On September 27, 2006,  the Rotary Club of Almaty organized its first Tango Night in Almaty. This fundraising event was sponsored by JTI Kazakhstan and Lactalis. All guests had an opportunity to take a master class from professional dancers and enjoy the passionate music performance of Denis Braginsky, a famous accordionist in Kazakhstan.

Every month about 200 guests of the Rotary Club of Almaty have had an opportunity to enjoy a passionate atmosphere created by professional dancers, singers and unique 23 accordions from Denis Braginsky private collection.

The sequence of monthly Tango Nights events lasted almost a year - from September, 2006 till June, 2007, when at the final Ball we welcomed two star-guests of the Club William Pino and Alessanra Bucciarelli  - one of the most famous tango couples in the world. This event took place in the Grand Ballroom of  the Intercontinental Hotel Almaty.

All proceeds from Tango Nights were used to support of the Club's social project.

JTI Kazakhstan, Lactalis and Allur Auto Kazakhstan companies have been sponsoring Tango Nights.