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On the eve of the International Polio Day and with the support of the Business FM radio station, Almaty rotarians held an action to sell the famous Almaty aport. Participants of the Salem Social Media media forum bought specially packaged apples and learned about the problem of polio and the End Polio project, to which all proceeds from the sale will be directed.

Every year on October 24, on the International Polio Day, the world community joins forces to get rid of this terrible viral disease.
End Polio is a global project of Rotary International, joined by tens of thousands of Rotary clubs around the world to raise awareness and raise funds to fund the Rotary Foundation's international program.  

This year we are holding a series of events aimed at informing Kazakhstanis and collecting voluntary contributions to this important international project.

If you or your organization wants to join the international project Rotary Club almaty and help humanity get rid of polio forever, let us know - fill out the application form and we will contact you.